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Pinus succinefera


CAS Number: -

FEMA Number: -

EINECS Number: -

Paras Code: PAT11014


EXTRACTION METHOD Traditional steam distillation in copper degs



Amber is found in nature as a solid mass that is formed by decomposition of tree resin over a period of millions of years. Botanically it is botanically known as Pinus succinefera fossil since it is majorly the fossilized resins of conifer tree Pinus Succinfera. Amber attar is extracted from this crude form of resin through the method of hydro-distillation. It also has a proprietary blend of other fragrant spices, herbs, baked earth, and woods; all distilled into a sandalwood receiver. The attar hence obtained has a pale yellow color and has excellent transparency. This attar contains no additives or synthetic substances, and requires days of harvesting and distillation.rnMost modern amberi attar is made of skillfully blended essential oils and synthetics. u00a0Ours is hydrodistilled in copper degs in the traditional and ancient manner, as it has been for hundreds of years. This attar blends well with most of the natural oils and attars such as frankincense, myrrh, agarwood and sandalwood to give a beautiful and seductive aroma.

The fragrance of amber attar is quite deep, complex and multi-dimensional. The aroma feels ancient, and has a very calming and soothing effect. Its aroma stays for a long time and it works excellent as a base for natural perfume blends, particularly for men's perfumes.

Amberi attar is very potent and must be diluted to reveal its true aroma. Even very light dilutions of amberi attar carry a powerful and strong aroma and can be used in blending to make other perfumes.u00a0It makes an excellent base for leathery, oriental, and spice perfumes, and an interesting addition to floral perfumes.


Top note:  Complex, leathery, earthy, floral, woods notes
Heart note:  Deep, complex, leathery, earthy, floral, woody notes
Base note: Complex, leathery, earthy, floral, woody notes
Classification: Heart to base note
Tenacity:  Very high