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Matricaria recutita


CAS Number: 84082-60-0

FEMA Number: -

EINECS Number: 282-006-5

Paras Code: PBE9011

INCI Name: Glycerin (and) Water (and) Matricaria Recutita Flower Extract


COMMON NAMES Blue Chamomile, German Chamomile, Wild Chamomile, Italian Camomilla



Chamomilla Recutita is the INCI designation for German Chamomile or Wild Chamomile for which the correct Latin name is Matricaria recutita. German chamomile, a member of the Asteracaea family, which includes sunflowers, is native to Europe and western Asia, but has also been naturalized in North America.

Chamomile extract has been known to provide softening, anti-inflammatory and antiphlogistic effects for hair and skin care products. Chamomile Extract contains active Flavonoid and Essential Oil compounds, which are particularly advantageous in the care of sensitive skin. Anti-inflammatory properties-due to the inhibition of histamine release, anti-free radical action and inhibition of the super oxide radical synthesis is key. In addition, these compounds show remarkable vasodilator action, augmenting blood flow to the skin and soothing of irritation.

Cosmetic Applications:

  • Skin Care as tonic for sensitive and irritated skin
  • Body Care for tired legs and sensitive skin
  • Body Care in sun protector products and after-sun soothing products
  • Hair Care in repairing products for blond hair and scalp soothing products


This is a cosmetic raw material and is meant for external use only in cosmetic formulations. As with all of our materials, it should not be taken internally.

Typical Usage Rate: 2 - 7%
Appearance: Colorless to pale brown colored clear liquid with characteristic odor
Solubility: Soluble in water
pH: 4.0 - 6.5
Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50u00b0 - 77u00b0F (10u00b0 - 25u00b0C)
Shelf life: 24 months when properly stored in a sealed vessel


Our herbal extracts are specifically designed for skincare products and cosmetics and are made from the finest organic, ethically wild-crafted, pesticide-free and best quality plants. The extracts are prepared via a cold process to avoid potential damage heat processing can have on product effectiveness. Each batch undergoes rigorous quality control efforts to assure consistency from batch to batch.

We can customize the base used for extraction to fit your individual requirements. Requests for customized extracts can be made through our customer service.

Water Soluble Extract Bases Available: Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Alcohol, Water, Butylene glycol
Oil Soluble Extract Bases Available: Sunflower Oil, Mineral Oil, Safflower Oil, Soybean Oil, Sesame Oil, Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil etc.