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Ferula galbaniflua


CAS Number: 93165-40-3

EINECS Number: 296-925-4

Product Code: PFW3118

INCI Name: Ferula Galbaniflua (Galbanum) Distillate Water

PART USED Resin (Gum)

COMMON NAMES Galbanum Resin, Galbanum Gum

SYNONYMS Ferula galbaniflua Boiss. & Buhse
Ferula gummosa

EXTRACTION METHOD Steam Distilled Hydrosol

ODOUR PROFILE Green, earthy, spicy, woody odour


Our organically crafted Galbanum Hydrosol is steam distilled from the gum resin of flowering Ferula galbaniflua plant, native to the Middle East and western Asia, but now more commonly cultivated in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Lebanon. With its green, earthy, spicy, herbal odour with dry woody back notes, the Galbanum Hydrosol provides both a pleasant aroma as well as medicinal benefits.

Galbanum Resin has been widely used as incense and in perfumery since ancient times. The Ancient Egyptians used Galbanum as incense and during the embalming process. The Hebrews used it in their anointing oils and the Greeks mention it as being sedative, antispasmodic with diuretic properties. In classical Ayurvedic Medicine, it is considered to exert a balancing action on all three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha.


The use of Ferula galbaniflua in traditional/herbal medicine and for incense goes back thousands of years when it was used in skincare and for health issues related to lack of energy and the respiratory system.

Galbanum Hydrosol is excellent for treating skin conditions, is said to help heal wounds and bring relief in indigestion, breathing problems and to encourage blood circulation. Galbanum Hydrosol also has soothing, strengthening and relaxing properties and imbues a feeling of calm, grounded focus. It is particularly effective at balancing the emotions, especially when used in massage, helping to promote relaxation and soothe tired and tense muscles.


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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