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Pinus ponderosa


CAS Number: 307-206-2

Product Code: PFW3088

INCI Name: Pinus Ponderosa (Ponderosa Pine) Distillate Water

PART USED Leaves and Flowering Tops

SYNONYMS Pinus ponderosa Douglas ex C.Lawson

COMMON NAMES Bull Pine, Blackjack Pine, Western Yellow-Pine

EXTRACTION METHOD Steam Distilled Hydrosol

ODOUR PROFILE Sweet, piney, woodsy aroma


Our organically crafted Ponderosa Pine Needle Hydrosol is distilled from the green needles and rich, brown twigs of the Pinus ponderosa growing wild in the evergreen forests of the USA. It is a very energizing and restorative hydrosol offering grounding and uplifting energy that settles the nerves. The piney, sweet, woodsy aroma of this hydrosol will instantly transport you to a grove of gorgeous Ponderosa Pine trees, deep in a cool, mossy forest.

American indigenous tribes valued Ponderosa Pine for its antiseptic and vulnerary properties, using it to treat a wide range of skin problems including cuts, wounds, and burns. These communities also traditionally made a tea from Ponderosa Pine needles as it provides an excellent source of Vitamin C. The needles were also commonly used in various healing ceremonies producing an invigorating scent of turpentine and citrus.


Ponderosa Pine Hydrosol is helpful for a wide range of skin issues as well as for lung support. An antiseptic and anti-fungal, it is perfect for in-between showers, washing shower stalls, or misting bed linens. Ponderosa Pine Hydrosol is effective in cleaning and purifying the environment. This piney hydrosol helps to clear the air of unwanted microbes. Ponderosa Pine Hydrosol is also a great facial toner and deodorant. It tones the skin, moisturises and cools, and is well suitable as a facial spray after shaving.

Ponderosa Pine Hydrosol is also a powerful general tonic and an effective immune system stimulant. It has also been proven useful as an anti-inflammatory for muscle, joint and tissue pain. It can also help support the immune system and is effective in strengthening lung support, especially helpful when used as an expectorant. Some aromatherapists like to use ponderosa pine to cleanse, purify, and energise one's energetic and emotional environment.


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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