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Melaleuca ericifolia


Product Code: PFW3049

INCI Name: Melaleuca ericifolia (Rosalina) Distillate Water


SYNONYMS Melaleuca ericifolia Sm.

COMMON NAMES Swamp Paperbark, Lavender Tea Tree

EXTRACTION METHOD Steam Distilled Hydrosol

ODOUR PROFILE Fresh, earthy, warm, herbaceous aroma

ORIGIN Australia

Our organically crafted Rosalina Hydrosol is steam distilled from the leaves and twigs of the tall Melaleuca ericifolia, a member of the Myrtle family, growing wild in the swampy forests of Australia. Commonly known as Swamp Paperbark, the Melaleuca ericifolia shrub have a rosemary-like appearance and grows primarily in coastal regions where it is able to withstand permanently wet soil, salty conditions, and shade. Rosalina Hydrosol has an earthy, warm, herbaceous, slightly spicy aroma that helps calm and relax the mind, body, and spirit, especially if one is experiencing situational anxiety or a having a hard time getting a good night rest.


Along with helping to bring balance and calm, Rosalina Hydrosol is a fantastic choice when looking to support healthy lung function when one is experiencing a cold or the flu. Rosalina Hydrosol is a lovely sleep support, especially when blended with other sleep supportive hydrosols such as Lavender and Roman Chamomile. Rosalina Hydrosol is helpful in managing minor pain and inflammation and can help reduce the presence of unwanted bacterial or viral activity. Rosalina Hydrosol is fabulous for skin support and is often used to clear and soothe bacterial or viral skin challenges such as boils and herpes.

Emotionally and energetically, Rosalina Hydrosol lifts and calms. Rosalina Hydrosol brings mental clarity, strengthens confidence, and is highly motivating.


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