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Aniba rosaeodora


CAS Number: 83863-32-5

EINECS Number: 281-093-7

Product Code: PFW3108

INCI Name: Aniba Rosaeodora Wood Distillate Water


COMMON NAMES Brazilian Rosewood, Rosewood Tree, Bois de Rose, Pau-Rosa

SYNONYMS Aniba rosodora Ducke

EXTRACTION METHOD Steam Distilled Hydrosol

ODOUR PROFILE Sweet, delicately rosy-floral, woodsy odour


Our organically crafted Rosewood Hydrosol is steam distilled from the sustainably harvested, gorgeous wood of the Aniba rosaeodora tree intentionally planted in groves in the forests of Brazil. Also popularly known as Bois de Rose Hydrosol and Brazilian Rosewood Hydrolat, this exquisite hydrosol has a sweet, delicately rosy-floral, woodsy aroma.

Across the globe, the harvest of rosewood trees is a pivotal conservation issue, as these trees are now on the endangered species. It is an alarming fact that Rosewood Trees have endured severe population decline and genetic impoverishment due to decades of developmental clear cutting and unethical harvesting practices - all driven by lucrative global demand. This has contributed to the deforestation and forest degradation in countries like Brazil, where rosewood oil production has remained a major source of income. Thankfully, with emphasis on sustainable use of natural resources, the ground situation is improving.


Rosewood Hydrosol is helpful when managing minor pain and inflammation, reducing the presence of unwanted bacterial, viral, and fungal issues, and easing unwanted muscle spasms. It is believed that it can also help boost a compromised immune system. Rosewood Hydrosol is a also lovely choice when looking to resolve minor skin challenges and promote overall skin health. This hydrosol is known for its soothing, regenerating and toning properties. It has tissue-regenerating properties that help prevent wrinkles and premature aging and also works well for preventing a variety of skin conditions. Rosewood Hydrosol also has wound-healing actions, making it an ideal first-aid remedy for cuts and insect bites.

Emotionally and energetically, Rosewood Hydrosol helps prepare for spiritual healing. It assists in facilitating meaningful meditation and can help ease situational depression. Bois de Rose Hydrosol also works as an aphrodisiac and can help treat impotence or frigidity, arousing sexual desire and improving sexual performance.


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)